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Business Funding
Business Funding

We Source Investment Opportunities that will Uplift South Africa’s Economy

Futuregrowth provides debt and equity funding to organisations looking to raise funds in the capital markets.

Our Approach to Business Funding

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On behalf of our client funds, we provide a range of debt and equity finance facilities to organisations looking to raise funds in the capital markets. Our large team of analysts are experienced in structuring financing solutions, ranging from mezzanine to secured debt, listed and unlisted debt, and unlisted equity - with transactions ranging in size from R20 million to R1 billion.

Our transactions cover a wide spectrum of sectors, including agriculture, renewable energy, housing, infrastructure and commercial property, all with the aim of making a positive impact on the economic, social and financial development of South Africa.

We actively engage with industry participants to achieve what is best for both investee companies and investors.

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Business Funding

How to Apply for Funding?

We have strict funding criteria and a robust application process. It is important that you understand this process before applying. Read our funding application criteria and submit all business funding requests or proposals via the link below.