Venture Capital Investment

Futuregrowth has an established track record of investing in early-stage businesses

We support South African entrepreneurs that push the boundaries with innovative technologies that change the way we live. We believe that by backing South African startups we can play our part in job creation and in growing our economy. 

Through the Development Equity Fund investment mandate, Futuregrowth has been investing in early-stage businesses for over eight years and has established a strong track record. Our diverse Venture Capital investment portfolio is made up of a range of high-growth early-stage tech businesses.

Investment Thesis  

We source innovative startup businesses that are driven by excellent teams in need of capital and help them grow to the next level. We look for start-ups that offer disruptive technologies in growth markets. 

Investment Approach 

Our approach is centered around six key principles, with strong emphasis on management quality:

  1. Competitive Moat 
  2. Developmental Impact 
  3. Attractive Market 
  4. Post-revenue 
  5. Strong Management Team 
  6. Scalable business 

Fund Snapshot 

  • The Fund will be a closed-ended, limited life fund. 
  • 4-5 year draw period, with 5-6 year payback period. 
  • Targeting R1 billion of Committed Capital. 
  • Indicated fee: 2% on committed capital + 20% incentive (cash-on-cash returns) above base return. 
  • The early-stage fund will be a warm-start, with no asset transfers from the Development Equity Fund. 
  • The Fund will be managed alongside all other Futuregrowth Funds, in the Futuregrowth ecosystem.

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