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Meet the Futuregrowth Performance & Attribution Team

  • 14 April 2023
  • 1 min read
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The Futuregrowth Performance & Attribution team has three members: the team manager and two performance attribution analysts.

What Does the Team do?

The job of this team is to calculate, analyse and interpret the complex fixed income portfolio performance and attribution of Futuregrowth’s various funds – and report on this to our investment team and clients. Accuracy is paramount, as is keeping up to date on our investment strategy and changing market conditions. As such, this team plays a key role in assessing and understanding the outcome of Futuregrowth’s investment strategy – and feeding this information back to the decision makers in a way that assists them to achieve even better future outcomes.

Statistics of the Performance Team
Team anthem: Lean on Me (Bill Withers)

In Their own Words ...

How do the Team Members Feel About Their Work?

  • "Despite being in the P&A team for 5 years I still enjoy the challenges of understanding all of our funds. I'm grateful to work with a great team that is striving for better process and analysis together.”

  • "For the longest time, I have wanted to understand performance, so I am excited to have the opportunity awarded me in this role. The learning experience is brilliant, and at the moment this feels exactly where I am meant to be.”

  • "Our choice of team anthem is a testament to the fact that we are stronger together.”

How Does the Team Contribute to the Company Culture at Futuregrowth?

  • "I think our team has a good work life balance. As much as we prioritise the client experience, we also appreciate the benefit of team fun and connection. We put in late hours when required, but also make time for team braais and fitness challenges.”

  • "The team embodies the Futuregrowth culture. We play hard and work even harder. Everything this team does is award winning. Evidence is in the Strava challenge where two thirds of the team achieved top performing awards. Any task that the team is presented with, we tackle as a team through individual outstanding performance. That is the Futuregrowth Way.”

Outside of Work

This team is one of Futuregrowth’s most sporty: their activities outside of work include trail running, trampolining, mountain biking, kayaking, and table tennis, amongst others – with a spouse with provincial colours and a Cocomelon-loving toddler keeping certain members on their toes.

A word cloud listing activities that the Performance Team members like to enjoy like running or tennis

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