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Meet the Futuregrowth 2022 Strava Challenge Winners

  • 7 March 2023
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In November 2022 we introduced Futuregrowth’s three-month workout challenge, where Futuregrowth staffer, Altaaf Haffejee, decided to challenge his colleagues to a three-month workout using the Strava application.

Photos of Futuregrowth employees that won the Strava challenge
Team anthem: Play Hard (feat. Ne-Yo & Akon)

The winners (pictured above) each earned a special award (in no particular order):

  • Award for the longest time spent admiring muscles in the mirror. [Yusuf]

  • Evening Activity award for late night workout dedication. [Naa’ilah]

  • Guinness world record for most hours working out. [Barron]

  • Spartan award for the Athlete turned Warrior. [Mandy]

  • Raging Bull Award for the top performing Athlete when it came to Strava posts. [Rookaya]

  • Coach’s award for the Athlete who exemplified the coach’s philosophy. [Badier]

Image showing statistics from Futuregrowth employees that participated in Strava challenge

The participants also decided to award the Dynamic Duo: “Coach to the couch potatoes” Altaaf and “Challenge Auditor aka The Silent Assassin” Ntokozo Genu with personalised prizes as a token of appreciation for their outstanding organisational and motivational skills. The awards were handed out at the company’s year-end function in December 2022.

Photo of two Futuregrowth staff members

Qualifying Activities Included:

Word cloud of physical activities that staff from Futuregrowth enjoy like running

In Their Own Words ...

What made them do it?

  • I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. It was time to walk a new path, time to climb a mountain, take in the view, reach a milestone.”

  • There are basics rules, but this is meant to be fun. We are not training for the Comrades or Iron Man.”

  • Prior to the birth of my baby, I was active daily – that was my stress reliever. Since then I’ve been battling to establish some sort of schedule. With this challenge I’ve found my old self. Thanks to everyone for all the inspiration.”

  • With everyone being on Strava, we can each see one another’s progress. It allows us to comment and support one another in a single space.”

  • There are prizes to be won, but none so great as the feeling of achievement at completing the challenge and bonding with the FG family through this journey of wellness. You may also make a few new friends alone the way…..”

  • I’ve only just started at FG, and I’m “stomach in, chest out” proud to be part of the FG tribe!”

  • “I love the sense of community and seeing what my peers are up to.”

  • It’s been great seeing all the cool things people are getting up to. It’s also brought out the competitive spirit in me!”

  • I do want to acknowledge everyone that organised and took part in the Futuregrowth fitness challenge - that was brilliant, and you are an inspiration to us to get out there and get healthier. I am in for the next one.”

What's Next?

The resounding success of the first Futuregrowth Strava Challenge is best illustrated by the fact that a 2023 repeat is already fully subscribed and underway!

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