About us

Investing to advance social, environmental & governance change.

Our team of investment professionals use their investment skills and diverse experience to manage the risks of investing in the capital markets while targeting benchmark-beating returns for investors.

Who we are

Futuregrowth manages around R186 billion (+/- US$13 billion)* of assets.

We are a specialist investment company which manages the full range of interest bearing and developmental investments in an ethical and sustainable way. *AUM as at 31 Dec 2020


Our People

We take our ethical responsibility towards our clients seriously.

Futuregrowth has a staff complement of around 80 people.


Career opportunities

Interested in being part of the Futuregrowth team?

Get in touch if you'd like to apply for any of the available career opportunities.


Investing In Transformation

Our story

Investing in transformation is at the heart of our business, investment and organisational strategies.


Our corporate responsibility

Considering the impact of our operations on society.

Ensuring the long-term sustainability and profitability of the company through sustainable business practices.